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Ginger from Dinner Diary tagged me with this questionnaire.

Four places you’ve lived

Berlin – Lived there for 3 years as I was growing up and saw the wall fall down. Although I was young at the time I still vividly remember the food. I especially miss the breakfasts that go on for hours and the Christmas Markets, nothing in this country compares.

Hull – The haunt of my student days and the only place you can get chip spice. Not exactly the cosmopolitan gastronomic capital of the UK, but they do have the best Veggie restaurant. If your ever in Hull you have to visit Hitchcocks. Be warned you will have to book.

Derbyshire (not being any more specific than that ;) ) – My home now. Full of fantastic pubs, curry houses and local produce.

North Liverpool – Where I’m “from”. Although the village I used to live in has a tonne of places to eat my family are yet to find one that isn’t 1)awful 2) overpriced.

Four places you’ve been on holiday

Peebles1st half of our honeymoon was spent in Barns Tower. Lovely scenery.

Isle of Harris – Spent the 2nd half of our honeymoon on this breathtaking island. We stayed at the fab Blue Reef Cottages. If you ever go to the island Skoon Art Cafe is well worth a visit.

Prague – Went about 9 years ago, before it is as popular as it is now. Food wise, all I can remember was that nearly every dish contained pork!

Amsterdam – Visited a few years ago to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary. Really enjoyed all the different cuisines on offer and would love to go back soon.

Four favourite foods

Raspberries – my all time favourite food. I adore them. Just a shame they are not in season for long.

Potato – I love them no matter what form they are in. Chips, crisps, mash, gratin…yum!

LebkuchenherzenUsually only available in Aldi/Lidl in the run up to Christmas so I stock up.

Bread – Nothing beats the smell and taste of a freshly baked loaf of bread.

Four places you’d rather be

Sitting in a beer garden on a sunny day with a large glass of rose.

Walking the Peak District/Lake District.


Chilling in a spa.

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