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How NOT to make a crumble.

I’m usually good at making crumble, but tonight I made possibly the worst tasting thing I have ever made in my life. It was even worse than the chunder-inducing broadbean soup I made a few years back.

H2B has been growing rhubarb and I used some of the roasted rhubarb to make a crumble. The rhubarb was so watery the “crumble” sunk to the bottom, the rhubarb bubbled over onto the oven floor leaving a stodgy acidic mix in the dish. After a few spoonfulls it went straight in the bin.

It’s the wedding this weekend and baking has been to a minimum as I have a teeny tiny dress to fit into and I’m living on salad, fruit and rice krispies to keep skin breakouts to a minimum…very boring!

The plans for Thursday was originally going to be a pre-wedding BBQ, but with the appauling weather forcast it looks like it may be the pub.

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