North Norfolk with a toddler

Four months after we went on holiday I finally get to finish the blog post. Better late than never! Our holidays have changed over the years. Yes we still like to stay in places that aren’t carbon copy or run of the mill, but we also like quiet places where we can keep ourselves to […]

LB picks december 15

Little Baker Picks – December ’15

  Big changes have happened since last time I wrote one of these types of posts. LB is now running and climbing everywhere, eating us out of house and home (unless it’s broccoli) and loves anything that is edible and or outdoors. Pop-in Coverall Bibs Since weaning we’ve been using the brilliant bargain Aldi bibs […]

savoury green pancakes

Little Lunches – Green Pancakes

We’re big fan of pancakes. Sweet ones, savoury ones, simple ones, fancy ones, even honey cloud ones. There’s something versatile and comforting about them. On weekdays we eat two lunches out while meeting up with friends, so for the other three days I try to make an effort for it not to be our usual eat out […]

Weaning – 3 months on

Time is speeding by and we’ve been on the weaning journey for nearly 3 months now. As mentioned in previous posts we ended up going down the baby-led-weaning route as it worked best for us.We’ve come a long way since that first munch on broccoli and there has been an unexpected benefit for me – […]

Baby Tortilla Pizzas

We’re still relative beginners at the weaning game but we’re rapidly learning what will work for Lily and so far there’s very few foods that have been rejected. Ask me again a few years when LB has decided her current favourite, broccoli, is the worst food we could feed her. Last weekend after a longer […]

Our first family holiday – Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

My family has visited Center Parcs Sherwood Forest since the early 1990s. Back then the accommodation was nowhere near as plush as it is now and I can remember the beds being simply covered in sheets and blankets and you had to make your own bed. We didn’t care, as long as we got to […]

Survival guide for foodie first time parents.

Little Baker arrived in our lives a month ago and oh how life has been turned on its head. Antenatal classes spend most of the time focusing on labour when in reality that is a tiny part of parenthood and frankly if it gets too much a good selection of drugs are available to get you through […]

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