LB picks december 15

Little Baker Picks – December ’15

  Big changes have happened since last time I wrote one of these types of posts. LB is now running and climbing everywhere, eating us out of house and home (unless it’s broccoli) and loves anything that is edible and or outdoors. Pop-in Coverall Bibs Since weaning we’ve been using the brilliant bargain Aldi bibs […]

Little Baker Picks – May ’15

  BlueZoo bug print dress When LB was born I said she wouldn’t wear much pink as there were lots of other colours in the world, well guess what, she suits pink especially deep pink and other deep vibrant colours. Saying this I’m still not a fan of pretty pastel frilly fru fru some shops pass […]

little baker picks April 15

Little Baker Picks – April ’15

It’s been a few months since I wrote one of these posts. A draft posts sat ready, but before I had time to edit and publish it LB had grown up and moved on to something else. So while I’m lucky enough that she has settled herself into a predictable nighttime sleep pattern (we won’t […]

Little Baker Picks – December

Didymos Didytai When LB was little I carried her in a stretchy sling from Victoria SlingLady. Now she’s bigger and heavier I’ve upgraded to a Didymos Didytai to give more support for both me and LB. I like that I can carry LB on my front, back or side with it plus it comes in […]

Little Baker Picks – November

As Little Baker (LB) get closer to 4 months our old life is becoming a distant past. No time for new recipes or photography (unless it’s trying to catch LB smiling), and you certainly don’t want to see the state of the garden. Our life is now a whirlwind of mother and baby classes, reliable […]

Little Baker Picks – October ’14

As mentioned in the Changes post this blog is changing slightly and is now going to incorporate some things from Little Baker too. As her only form of nutrition at the moment is milk that would be a rather boring blog post so along the same line as my Make Eat Get Read Go posts here are […]

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