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Vampire Spider Cupcakes

Earlier today I stumbled across a photo I did for a kids’ workshop last half term and decided I had to share. Looking back at all my other Halloween bakes over the years there seems to be a prevalence of creepy crawlies, I have an affinity to them and arachnids are far nicer than severed …

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Rich Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Given I don’t seem to have a particular fondness for cupcakes I seem to be making and blogging  a lot about them at the moment. I’ve been busy teaching recently and cupcakes are the perfect medium to teach basic cake decorating techniques. They are small, quick and easy to make. There’s something I love about …

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Planetary Cupcakes

There’s no denying we’re a bunch of science geeks here. Hubs does the physics & engineering and me the biology. We’ll gloss over who does the chemistry because unless it is about baking I’m rubbish at it. I have no shame in saying Alice Roberts in my idol. You can never take the geek out …

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Strawberry Field Cupcakes

This time of year strawberries should be abundant, but right now this is the closet you’ll get to strawberries in our garden! This design came about when I was running a stall for my business back in March. As it was such a popular design I decided to make them again last week as a …

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Jubilee Cakes

I know that this probably won’t be the first blog you see featuring Jubilee cakes and it certainly won’t be the last. I think last year’s Royal Wedding and street parties has got people in the ceremonial baking mood. After Mr Whippy Cakes I wanted to have another go at patriotic stripy buttercream and have …

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Reuby, Reuby, Reuby, Reuben

Reuben is a gorgeous little chap who was born back in November. As tradition states I give new mums cakes. Both Maggie’s & Rose’s mums got bite-sized cakes so it was only fair I did the same for Reuben’s mum. While Reuben was gurgling away on the sofa we were reminiscing our care free student days.Gone are the days …

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Royal Wedding Mr Whippy Cakes

Royal Wedding Mr Whippy Cakes

When deciding what to do for a Royal Weddings bake I wanted to combine my desire to bake something a bit kitsch and the fact that the Royal Wedding means we get a Bank Holiday. What’s the activity Brits stereotypically do on a Bank Holiday, apart from catching up with the DIY and watching Sound of Music? …

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