Love your library

From a young age I’ve always loved libraries. As a child it was for its wide range of books and never ending series of Babysitter Club books; Brynmor Jones Library at uni for every science periodical under the sun and for its views across the countryside perfect for procrastinating and now my local library that may be small, but seems to […]

Christmas Cookbook Countdown

With only *whispers* 2 weeks left until Christmas. It’s fair to say Christmas is a hectic time of year for me and the business. Today is my first day off in two weeks and from tomorrow will not be stopping until Christmas Eve. Hubs’ & parent’s presents are sorted, as for everyone elses? Thank for the lord for the internet and Derby Westfield opening late in the run up to Christmas.

I will admit I’m a cookbookaholic, but it takes a lot to impress me with a cookbook. If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift this year here are my top cookbooks of the year. Go here to see last year’s selection.

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Top Cookbooks

In the run up to Christmas quite a few people have asked about which cookbooks I would recommend and with Jamie O’s 30-minute meals being declared the fastest selling non-fiction book I thought it was apt to share my top choices of cookery books. Some in my list were published this year and some have […]

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