chilli blue cheese bread

Chilli & Blue Cheese Bread

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut with bread falling back on my favourite recipes. In local markets Claybrooke Mill often have a stall. They are a Leicestershire based mill that has milled award-winning flour since 1987 and are well-regarded locally. Many local producers use their products. As well as regular flour they sell strong flour mixes that […]

Sweet & Sour Chilli Chicken

I’ve realised I don’t blog main meals much any more. This is partly because the light in our kitchen isn’t great once the sun goes down plus I’m not as good at making them look pretty. I happened to mention this dish on Twitter and promised to blog it. This meal is a big favourite […]

Chilly Chilli

As I write this a large proportion of the UK has ground to a halt due to a fluffy weather phenomenon called snow. We have about 10cm of snow here and it’s rapidly thickening with the current blizzard. Have to count ourself lucky. Just 15 miles north of us people are battling with waist height […]

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