chilli blue cheese bread

Chilli & Blue Cheese Bread

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut with bread falling back on my favourite recipes. In local markets Claybrooke Mill often have a stall. They are a Leicestershire based mill that has milled award-winning flour since 1987 and are well-regarded locally. Many local producers use their products. As well as regular flour they sell strong flour mixes that […]

Heston inspired Cauli, Mac & Cheese

I love cheese. Only on twitter earlier did I proclaim that if I could only eat 2 foods for the rest of my life it’d be cheese and bread. Recently I impressed my brother (ok I say impressed, I think he was concerned for my mental wellbeing) with my knowledge of cheese by sight. Cheese is […]

Welsh Rarebit Muffins

This week is Farmhouse Breakfast week and it’s all about promoting the benefits of a good breakfast. I’m a huge advocate of breakfast. I know that if I don’t eat Breakfast I’m mardy and lacking energy until lunch time. As someone who works with children I’ve also seen the difference a breakfast can make to […]

Easy Cheesy Biscuits

It’s no lie that we love cheese in this house. Be it feta, paneer, Stilton, Red Leicester or some Gorwydd Caerphilly there is always some variety in the fridge. I think it would be one of my Desert Island foods. Hubs had a go at making his own cheese press. Many of my pupils have […]

Easy Peasy Pizza

Blogging has been a bit quiet for me recently for many reasons. I’m working on a project at the moment that is taking up quite a bit of my free time and cooking in the house has been positively boring after a food-filled Christmas break. This pizza recipe is partly due to the project I’m […]

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