MEGRG march 17

Make Eat Get Read Go – March ’17

Spring is well and truly here. The buds are appearing in the garden along with a splash of colour with both flowers and food. Make – cake case flowers LB has almost dropped naps now unless we’re out in the car so we’re slowly finding a new normal. The key for us is making sure […]

Festive Afternoon Tea at Panoramic 34

I finally finished maternity leave in September to return to work part-time. To say life has been chaotic is an understatement. Due to time and financial pressures that come hand in hand when you have a young family it can be tough to find quality grown-up time that isn’t interspaced with partly eaten rice cakes […]

Cream Tea Diaries – Swinfen Hall Hotel

Back in 2007 when this blog was in its infancy and we were just setting off on culinary journey we got married. Since then it has come tradition to take Afternoon Tea whenever we are celebrating our anniversary or on holiday in the UK. Who can complain about setting an afternoon aside to eat lots […]

Cream Tea Diaries – Gliffaes

This entry is more of a tribute. The lady who inspired the Cream Tea Diaries blogposts, my Grandma-in-law, passed away suddenly in July at the grand age of 90. I promised to keep our Afternoon/Cream Tea visits in her memory. While on holiday in Wales we were recommended a great place called Gliffaes for Afternoon […]

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

It’s quite a well-known fact I have a penchant for Afternoon Tea and other quintessential traditions. Who can say no to unlimited pots to tea, dainty sandwiches and all the cake you can eat? We’ve eaten Afternoon Tea in various places from Little Bettys in York to Michelin Starred tea at Northcote but I have […]

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