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The new garden – a year on

We’ve lived here now for over a year so have experienced the garden in all four seasons and this spring and summer is already a stark contrast to last year’s effort. This year we’ve had enough rain to keep the garden lush (and to make our roof leak), but also lots of sunshine to encourage plant […]

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The first harvest

It’s the simple things that keep me happy. Freshly baked bread, blooming flowers and food straight from the veg patch. With the mid-spring move I honestly didn’t think we’d get much of a bounty this year. By the end of June the old raised beds had been ripped out and replaced by mark 2. Bigger, […]

pear tree glut

Know any perry recipes? – The Garden – August 2013

It’s incredible how the garden can change in 30 days especially when you have days of glorious sunshine and the odd torrential rain shower to saturate the garden again. At least the water-butt hasn’t stayed dry for too long. The bargain £9 plants are flourishing and we have also had a (tiny) harvest of golden […]

David Austin rose Heathcliff

My new plant obsession (The Garden – July 2013)

The garden has been a long time coming but it’s wonderful that it’s back and the days of sun we’re having at the moment is making it thrive. It’s interesting seeing how the garden has transformed in just a couple of months. I also have a new addiction: buying plants, in particular flowers. Having all this […]

Katy apple espalier blossom

The new garden – May 2013

With a new house comes a new garden to play with. It’s significantly different from our last place. We’ve swapped a tiny, no-so-private courtyard with raised beds that overlooked the fields to a “grown-up” garden with lawn, patio, grass, trees and flowers slap bang in the middle of suburbia. I certainly don’t miss sitting on […]

The (macro) Garden Update – Oct 2012

Who would have thought when I wrote the last garden post in June that the weather would dramatically change. Earlier in the year Derbyshire had been declared a drought region then Mother Nature decided to turn the season on its head and bring us rain, lots of it. Consequently this year has been possibly the worst harvest […]

The Tardy Garden – 2012

We thought the 2011 garden had been reluctant, but we never anticipated the dry winter of 2011-12. Until a few weeks ago Derbyshire was declared a drought region and it was certainly showing in the garden. This time last year I reported how the grapevine had fruited for our 4th wedding anniversary, 2nd June 2012 […]

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