Cold Smoking with Seasoned

Seasoned is a Midlands based cookery school run by Clare Tetley. Not only does she run a business providing  fabulous day courses throughout Derbyshire & Shropshire she has a brownie recipe to die for. I met Clare back in September 2010 when I started my business and we have worked on various projects over the last year. As Hubs has dabbled with smoking food in the past, he helped Clare road test a food smoking course that is now available through Seasoned. Both Hubs & I believe smoking has the amazing ability to transform a food. I certainly believe a bacon sarnie tastes even better if the bacon is smoked.

Essentially there are two ways of smoking food. Smoking food at home doesn’t require lots of expensive equipment. Read more about Cold Smoking with Seasoned

Tandoor for an Indian Summer

I know for a fact Jules has mentioned many time on both the blog and on Twitter about my sometimes eccentric projects. From the cheese press to the hanging meat safe ever since I came up with the idea of making a tandoor oven I knew I had to make it. I’m an Engineer, what […]

DIY Cheese Press

Given The Baker Jules has most of the say on the blog it was about time for me The Butcher & random stuff maker to have a go. As Jules has always let on I love any gadgets related to cookery and the quirky or more old-fashioned the better. Previous projects include a clay pizza […]

Hot Smokin’ Hubby

Even since Hubby saw Hugh F-W smoke fish in an old bread bin on River Cottage Autumn he’s wanted to give it a go. Hubby being the resourceful man he is, he didn’t want to buy a brand new smoker, but make one himself. Hubby bought the bread bin a few months ago on ebay […]

Clay Oven Pics

The summer holidays are over and I’m back in work so my blogging & baking hasn’t been as regular as before. As requested a picture of the clay oven hubby made. He was inspired by a pizza oven Hugh F-W made on one of his TV progs. The clay was from his fathers garden, was […]

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