Mum’s Retro Banana Split

We all have foods that have a nostalgic sense to them. Some of them come straight from a packet, some were picked fresh from the garden, some had mystical methods and ingredients and then there are ones you come back to as an adult and realise they taste as good as you can remember. Disappointingly […]

slow cooker passion fruit and coconut creme caramels

Slow Cooker Passion Fruit and Coconut Creme Caramel

I love creme caramel. I like to think of it as a slightly healthier version of my favourite dessert, creme brulee. Yes, I know I’m kidding myself. Hubs has a rather disgusting habit of being able to eat a whole shop-bought creme caramel in one slurpy mouthful. I’m a recent convert to using a slow cooker […]

valentine jelly heart terrine

Valentine Heart Jelly Terrine

Jelly is my new love and I’m sure that because I own a selection of retro jelly moulds has nothing to do with this, oh no. Sometimes I make it the proper way with gelatin and sugar syrup base then other times I cheat. Over the festive period we did a bit of entertaining and […]

Custard Powder Pavlova

Every good cook has a secret ingredient up their sleeves that can transform a recipe. Sometimes the ingredient is a long-term favourite or an accidental discovery. I’ve known for a while that a cheeky spoonful of cornflour to meringue mixture gives the centre that glorious chewiness that most shop bought meringues lack. I’ve also used cornflour […]

raspberry and lime no-bake cheesecake

Raspberry & Lime Cheesecake

Why you may ask am I writing such a summery recipe when there is a good few inches of snow causing chaos on the roads outside. Welcome to the life of someone who writes & talks about food for a living. I often appear on local radio doing cookery demos and talk about national food […]

Cherry & Chocolate Profiteroles

Last weekend I made profiteroles for the first time in ages. I’d forgotten how quick they are to make. Eclairs, that are also made from choux pastry, mean ‘flash of lightning’ in French. Of course they are not lightning fast to make, but are a great deal quicker and easier than some other pastries. Anyone […]

Chocolate Mousse Cake by William Drabble

There is something about chocolate and raspberries paired that I love. The tartness of the raspberries cuts through the rich chocolate far better than strawberries do, or at least that is my opinion. I always like doing things that will push my skills in the kitchen. After making the mille feuille last month, Great British Chefs set me the […]

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