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Melba Toast Bruschetta

Any purists need to look away now. This is not an authentic recipe in the slightest. In fact the only fresh item in the recipe is a tomato, that is assuming you don’t count pappy white bread as fresh. It’s a bit of a summery store cupboard standby for lunch that breaks the monotony of …

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Make Eat Get Read Go – July ’14

July is the month of birthdays here, lump June in to the mix and we have a rather busy summer. The next month will be filled with celebratory champagne, cake (probably lots of it), some entertaining and guests aplenty. 1. Make Arm knitting I’m officially rubbish at knitting, it’s one of the crafts I really …

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The new garden – a year on

We’ve lived here now for over a year so have experienced the garden in all four seasons and this spring and summer is already a stark contrast to last year’s effort. This year we’ve had enough rain to keep the garden lush (and to make our roof leak), but also lots of sunshine to encourage plant …

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Make Eat Get Read Go – June ’14

It’s the end of May and after the perfect BBQ weekend a few weeks ago we’re back to rain. Can’t complain too much though because the combination of rain and sun means we’re probably going to have a bumper year in the garden for soft fruits. Even the grapevine seems to be ahead of schedule …

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Carrot and Ginger Cakes

Ginger and Carrot Cakes with Ginger Cheesecake Icing

Don’t be too shocked. This is the first baking recipe I’ve featured on the blog for a while. I thought I owed you one. It took me until I was an adult to appreciate vegetables in cake. Pre 2001 I thought carrot cake was evil stuff. It’s now on the top list of cakes I …

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Pies & Perfect Pastry with GBBO Beca

Hubs likes to think he is the king of pork pies in this household. He makes them hand raised with traditional jelly made from pig’s trotters. 2013 GBBO contestant Beca has recently started to do some baking courses at Seasoned Cookery School just down the road from us (yes that explains why I mention them …

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Make Eat Get Read Go – May ’14

1. Make Pom pom fruits by Mr Printable I remember as a child being slightly obsessed with making pom poms. Blame a pom pom kit I was given for Christmas. However even with a kit I don’t think I got as far as anything that wasn’t round and one colour. While we wait for the strawberry season …

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