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The Clandestine Cake Club Revolution

You’ve probably heard about Clandestine Cake Club (CCC). Kind of like a book club, but with cake. Lots of cake. As a friend pointed out it’s not really clandestine if everyone is talking about it on social media, but it’s clandestine in the fact that the venue is usually kept secret and only revealed to the people attending the event. The only rules are:

  • No cupcakes, muffins, brownies pies or tarts. Only cake.
  • You get to take cake home.

The first CCC was organised by Lynn Hill back in December 2010 in Leeds. Since then it’s been spreading throughout the country and over the channel to mainland Europe. The thing I love about attending these events is meeting people with a similar love and trying out recipes I usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to make with just the two of us at home. As much as we could give it a good go a layer cake is really not good for our waistlines here.

Mission statement – bake, eat and talk about cake.

The events are usually themed. For the first Derby CCC at Halloween I made my Beetle Forest Gateaux and this time a Chocolate Heartache Cake for the freaky ingredient theme as it contains aubergine. Other Derby CCC members brought along similar freaky cakes including chilli chocolate cake, black russian cake, pink ombre cake, orange sponge with turmeric buttercream, lemon and rosewater sponge, cherry beet cake and a chocolate orange carrot cake. I’m hoping to attend the next event in Loughborough. I know the theme for the Loughborough event and without giving anything away it’s right up my street.

This Friday turn on to The One Show to see some CCC members, including Derby’s Julia & Lewis, talking about why they love CCC. If I didn’t already have work commitments I would have been joining them with cake on the couch.

If you ever get the chance to attend one of these events I highly recommend it. It’s great fun. Have you attended a Clandestine Cake Club? What cake did you bake?

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