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Macarons – my nemesis

When I face a challenge in the kitchen I usually face it head on. With perseverance and a big helping of luck I often succeed. Macarons are a whole different matter. As I had an egg white left from the mini cheesecakes rather than throwing it away I decided I would put it one side to age so I could have yet another attempt at macarons. This time I decided to ditch the French method that I had unsuccessfully used the two previous times and try the Italian method.

It went well until I dropped the egg white. As I had already prepped the rest of the ingredients I decided to soldier on and use a new egg. I then made a stupid error with one of my scales. The more frustrated I got the more schoolgirl errors I made. The final straw was when the mixture that appeared to be running in perfect lava-like ribbons poured straight out of the piping bag.

Let’s just say it’s going to be a while before I try them again because 1) it’s not a good look swearing at inanimate objects in the kitchen 2) I hate wasting good ingredients. Good job my local Morrisons has started to sell surprisingly good macarons for £4 for 8 alternatively I’ll go for the old school and failsafe coconut macaroons. Those I know I can make.

What is your nemesis in the kitchen?

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