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Feta, pesto & sun dried tomato parcels

With what seems to be of increasing regularity the British institution that is M&S rolls out it’s Dine for £10 deal. In cash strapped times it can often be a good alternative to eating out. A few weeks back, while Hubs was gallivanting and trying not to get seasick around the British Isles with Skipper for Hire, I decided to buy one of the Dine for £10 deals and I could spread it over 2 nights. As it was just me eating I didn’t have to make any meaty compromises for Hubs and it could be my choice of wine, rosé naturally. I went for goat’s cheese, pesto en croute with raspberry panna cotta for dessert. Their panna cottas are the best shop bought ones you can get.

Last weekend  the Dine for £10 deal was on again but no sign of the delicious en croutes so took it upon myself to recreate the recipe, but this time with feta cheese. How hard could it be? With feta replacing goat’s cheese they still worked really well and bonus is that you can freeze them. Open freeze the uncooked pies then cook from frozen 200°c for 35-40 min, until pastry cooked and risen.

Feta, pesto & sun dried tomato parcels
Makes 4 parcels 

1 packet (340g) ready rolled puff pastry

200g feta cheese, crumbled

1 heaped tbsp green pesto

4 large sundried tomatoes (If you’re a big a fan of them (I’m not!) add more)

1)      Unroll the pastry, using a sharp knife cut one horizontal line and one vertical line to divide the pasty into 4 equal quarters.

2)      In a bowl mix together the feta and pesto plus a sprinkling of black pepper.

3)      Divide the feta mixture between the four quarters of pastry. Place a sun dried tomato on top of the feta then fold over the pastry to encase the filling.

4)      Seal the edges with a fork then brush with beaten egg.

5)      Bake at 200°c for 20 minutes until risen and golden.

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