Fresh from the Oven – Brioche

Brioche has been on my want to bake list for a while ever since discovering the glories of French Toast. If it hadn’t been chosen for this month’s Fresh from the Oven challenge I was going to go ahead and make it anyway. Thankfully Chele from Chocolate Teapot came up trumps with this recipe.

The brioche I usually buy is beautiful sweet and fluffy and I have to admit my versions didn’t live up to this, but I know exactly why. I added too much flour. At the beginning I found the dough too difficult to work buy klonopin prescribed online with and lobbed in quite a significant amount of flour to make the dough workable. By doing this I was no longer going to get the right texture. I would like to try this again with a tad bit more sugar and no more flour to see if I could get it to work. I’m saying it wasn’t fluffy but it still made grand toast!

Makes 2 small loaves
From River Cottage Handbook No.3 – Bread. Brioche recipe

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  • It was a very ‘wet’ dough to work with wasn’t it. I ended up adding a bit more flour as well. I think I will add more sugar next time too. Looks great though! This recipe defo taught me that making Brioche at home is not to be feared ;0)

  • I have just spotted this post… I too have made Brioche recently (actually just a week or so after you posted this). I’ve been meaning to for ages as we eat it in France and love it. The French often add orange flower water which gives a lovely fragrance. I brought some back specially for the purpose when I first thought about making Brioche (two or three years ago) and it was still in the cupboard. I had some difficulty finding a recipe including the OF water but in the end came across one online.
    Yes, my dough was extremely sticky too but the writer warned me of this and said that under no circumstances was I to add any more flour – just to keep on working it (in the French manner, pulling and smearing and scraping) and it would come together. They said it would take 10 minutes and sure enough after that time I had a lovely doughy ball!
    I will certainly be making some more very soon and I have a post in the queue to put up on my blog at some point. This is definitely worth making!
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

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