Out with the old, in with the new

For us the culinary theme and resolution for 2009 was preservation in its different forms. Between us we haven’t done too bad, though it has very much proved to be Hubs’ domain. Hubs has a knack of being good at the stuff I’m frankly rubbish at (or don’t have a patience for); I suppose we’re a good balance. successful preservation this year included Pickled Red Cabbage, sweet chilli jam, quince jelly, gooseberry jam along with many other projects that got eaten before being posted about.

For me the highlights of 2009 include then experiencing the famous Valentine Feast at River Cottage, learning to bake bread at River Cottage, snowday eccentricity leading to making Nutella, Hubs going all Hugh with smoking in a breadbin, realising that beer makes a very fine cooking ingredient be it in ice cream, brownies or bread and eating my way around Berlin.

2009 was also the year I started to teach cookery to primary aged kids. It was a steep learning curve for me. Some things worked some things didn’t. All I will say is never ever make peppermint creams on a boiling hot day with a class of kids it’ll only end in a sticky disaster.

This year and decade has culminated with my appearance of Aleena Naylor’s show on BBC Radio Derby and finally Christmas.

For 2010 both Hubs & I have our own foodie resolutions. For me it is to get more confident with fish and for Hubs it is to finish building his cold smoker. Thanks to some Christmas gifts we already have a few foodie trips planned including a day at the School of Artisan Food and a couple of nights feasting at Northcote. I hope the next year and decade will be just as good for you.

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