Wikio’s top 20 influential UK gastronomy blogs

For quite a few months now I have been following blog rankings on Wikio. A few days ago they contacted me asking if I would like to publish and exclusive look at the rankings that come out tomorrow. I’m shocked and very pleased to see me at 11 and some buy clonazepam no rx fantastic fellow bloggers in the top 20.

1 The Guardian – Word of Mouth
3 Spittoon
4 eat like a girl
6 spittoonextra
7 Cheese and Biscuits
8 A Slice of Cherry Pie
9 Tamarind and Thyme
10 Kitchen Delights
11 Domestic Goddess in Training
12 Cherrapeno
13 The Wine Conversation
14 Sour Grapes
15 Stonch’s Beer Blog
16 Bubble Brothers
17 Greedy Gourmet
18 jamie goode’s wine blog
19 The London Review of Breakfasts
20 Apple & Spice

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