Raspberry Truffles

I have a bit of a raspberry obsession. It is my favourite fruit in the world and when raspberry season comes around I go a bit mad. Well, with the local PYO farm charging just £1 per lb, what do you expect! You’ve probably noticed how raspberries have crept into most sweet things I’ve made recently – Summer Pudding and decoration on the Gin & Tonic Jelly. I also have some baking in the oven featuring, you’ve guessed it, raspberries!

A year ago I saw Nicisme’s recipe for Raspberry Truffles and knew I HAD to make them. I never got the chance to make them during the raspberry season last year so as soon as raspberry’s were avaliable this year I knew what I needed to make.

I think I may have over heated the chocolate slightly as it begun to go claggy and difficult to work with. Although I thought I had ruined the chocolates, they still turned out delicious and not too ugly looking. The dark bitterness of the chocolate & cocoa is matched perfectly with the sweetness of the Crème de Framboise. A very rich and indulgent chocolate. To add some sparkle to the chocolates I sprinkled some dark pink lustre over them at the end, though you can’t really see this in the photo. I would be interested to try the recipe with white chocolate.

As there is a fresh raspberry in the middle and they are so rich you can only eat 1 at a time, I’ve sent Hubby off to work with some of the chocolate for his workmates. I hope they enjoy them as much as I do!

Raspberry Truffles

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