Foraging for wild garlic and snowdrops

Near our house is a beautiful wood. Not many people know about it. As the weather was so glorious today we decided we had to visit our favourite haunt and get a glimpse of the snowdrops. This woodland is also where we forage for wild garlic, sloes and blackberrys when they are in season. The snowdrops looked stunning, providing a bautiful white blanket over the currently colourless ground. I love snowdrops as they are a sign that spring is just around the corner.

As soon as we entered the wood we could smell the wild garlic, but we just couldn’t see any. Not knowing if we were too early for wild garlic we carried on. All of a sudden in a clearing we spotted what we were after, the wild garlic. I’m making my thai green curry again tonight and think I may put a bit of the wild garlic in there. It is also lovely in risotto.

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