Easy Monster Truffles

Monster truffles annotated

It’s well documented that I have a secret love for Oreos. If they are spied in a biscuit tin they will be second choice to Jammy Dodgers. As well as just scoffing them Oreos make great edible dirt or in this case the base of easy monster truffles.

This recipe is based on the ridiculously easy oreo truffle recipe which uses just two ingredients: biscuits and cream cheese. This is a great activity for young children as it involved fine motor skills, no heat and a little bit of mess. What is cooking without a bit of mess? I highly recommend wearing disposable gloves to make the truffles as the mixture can get sticky, but don’t worry the truffles will firm up with a brief chill in the fridge. Alternatively you could use the same decoration technique with my rum truffles recipe.

Making coloured coconut is also a great activity for children to get involved with and you’ll be glad to know this involves less mess than you think.

  • Put the desiccated coconut in a freezer bag.
  • Add a small amount of food colouring (ideally the gel kind).
  • Seal the bag.
  • Rub the bag and its contents until the coconut is evenly coloured.
  • Pour out on to a plate and it’s ready to use.

When it comes to the biscuits used in the truffles it doesn’t have to be Oreos, though these give a darker colour, bourbon biscuits work equally well. Also you don’t have to just make monsters, the limit is your spooky imagination.

easy oreo halloween truffles

Monster Truffles
Makes 12

  • 100g oreo or bourbon biscuits
  • 50g cream cheese
  • 25g desiccated coconut
  • green food dye
  • small amount of white sugarpaste
  • small amount of brown or black sugarpaste
  • cocktail stick
  1. Put the biscuits in a freezer bag and break into fine crumbs with a rolling pin. Alternatively pulse in a blender until the biscuits have turned into crumbs.
  2. Mix the biscuits crumbs with the cream cheese until well combined.
  3. Make the green coconut as instructed above.
  4. Roll the truffle mixture into 12 balls then roll in the green coconut.
  5. Place on a piece of baking parchment.
  6. Roll a small ball of white sugarpaste and top with a small ball of brown sugarpaste, then squash this to make the eye.
  7. Attach the eye to the body by pressing the cocktail stick through the eye into the body.
  8. Chill the truffles until ready to eat.

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Little Baker Picks – October ’14

LB picks

As mentioned in the Changes post this blog is changing slightly and is now going to incorporate some things from Little Baker too.

As her only form of nutrition at the moment is milk that would be a rather boring blog post so along the same line as my Make Eat Get Read Go posts here are some Little Baker Picks. Like usual these are not sponsored posts, no PR stuff, just thing we genuinely use and enjoy.

When a first time parent you’re bombarded with products that you must buy. We bought the bare essentials until Little Baker was here, then bought on an as need basis and tried not to be swayed by what magazines/websites said we should buy. Never buy parenting magazines, they only make you feel inadequate and think that if you don’t spend £100+ on a bouncer that you can plug your iPad into (you think I’m joking) you’re seriously hampering your child’s development. EBay has been my friend along with the refusal to pay full price for anything.

Star wrap

These fleecy star wraps by Tuppence & Crumble are great. Little Baker has nearly grown out of the smaller size so a larger one is winging its way to us as we speak. She loves being in hers. They’re very handy for prams and buggies, with a huge plus point being they are very easy to get the baby out of if they’ve fallen asleep. I’d like a giant adult version please.

Waitrose bottom butter

This product has the texture of Vaseline but it is made from just olive oils, chamomile oil and flavoured with vanilla. This was great at calming her peeling, dry, overdue baby skin and I nick some to use on me too. In fact I rarely use it for the original bottom butter purpose. Some women swear by it as a facial products but I haven’t gone that far yet.

Beaba Stockholm changing bag

This is my second changing bag (the free Boots one doesn’t count). My first bag was a Black Koto one. I loved the pics of it online but in reality it was bulky, had an ugly shiny finish and the pockets were too small to be useful. I’d looked at a Beaba Stockholm while pregnant but couldn’t justify the £75+ price tag, then a few weeks ago spotted it in TK Maxx for £35. It was missing the cool bag that comes with it but I didn’t mind as I wouldn’t need it. I prefer this bag. It’s spacious, has useful features like buggy clips, straps long enough to go over shoulders and antibacterial pocket for dummies though I use it for the all important Infacol.

Frugi bee gown

I fell in love with the bee print while pregnant and bought Little Baker this Buzzy Bee gown before she was born. I’ve bought a few Frugi things after being recommended them on Twitter. While their items can be pricy, the material is lovely, soft and washes well. This gown was great in the warmer months on its own plus the open end is a godsend for late night nappy changes. I also like the integrated mitts which make keeping Little Baker’s hands warm easy. Now it’s getting cooler she’ll wear it with a grobag.

What baby items have you found useful?



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formby beach


This blog has been going since 2007 and it has seen some big changes. For starters it was called Domestic Goddess in Training. I started to write it as a way of cataloguing recipes for my own personal use. Hubs (then fiancé) & I had bought our first house together – a tiny, 1-bed, 200-year-old cottage with the smallest of kitchens. Out went our student diet. It was time to learn how to cook from scratch. Small fridge and no freezer so forget ready meals. Fast forward, we’ve now been married 7 years, moved house and now have a daughter. Over this time the blog has evolved too. It’s no longer recipes but also gardening, travel and life.

With our new addition it felt only right the blog should change yet again. Note the new name – Butcher Baker Baby and slightly tweaked graphics. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’m going to start writing posts about 10 ways to get butternut squash stains out of baby clothes, it just means`I may write more about our life as parents and what Little Baker gets up to. I know this may not suit all readers and can totally understand if you unsubscribe, but I feel it’s the natural progression of the blog.

So here’s to a new chapter on the blog and I promise the next post will be a recipe!

bbb square

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Make Eat Get Read Go – October ’14


Little Baker is 2 months old and we’re very much used to her presence now, though she leaves very little time for much else. This little one has an active social life of classes and play dates. I’m writing this at the only chance I get – 4am while she has a feed.


Wooden bunting

Can’t beat a bit of bunting and I’ve wanted to make some for Little Baker’s nursery. This wooden bunting from Things We Make could do the trick.


Beetle Forest Gateaux

You can’t ignore that October features Halloween so I feel my beetle cake needs to be reincarnated in all its macabre glory. Yes it does contain real insects thanks to cochineal in red food dye. Not for people with a fear of insects.


Becka Griffin Edible Kaleidoscope Calendar

I’m a big fan of Becka’s work and have recently subscribed to her stationery mystery package (a girl can never have too much stationery) but also love this calendar. For us the old school paper calendar is essential for keeping up with Little Baker’s social life.


Jamie Oliver – Comfort Food

Not very original I know but we bought a copy of his book last month, have already cooked some recipes from it and they have been a great success. If you only cook one recipe from the book it has so be the Ultimate Burger.


Liverpool & Formby

Now is the time to dress Little Baker in a shell suit and curlers and introduce her to my homeland; Liverpool. There will be trips to Formby beach, watching the red squirrels in my parents’ back garden along with a trip to Liverpool One and a walk around Albert Dock.

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Make Eat Get Read Go – September ’14


I feel the summer has whizzed by and autumn is knocking at the door. You can usually guarantee that once the kids are back in school the weather is glorious. The advantage of being on mat leave at this time of year, I don’t need to be going back to school either. Hurrah!


Magic Trees Fabric

As most of furniture and decoration in Little Baker’s nursery is hand-me-downs or from Ikea, I felt I was allowed to splurge on one item. Even before we knew we were having a little girl I fell in love with a set of curtains in John Lewis (whoa that sounds sad) made with this beautiful Magic Trees fabric. I couldn’t resist the design and her curtains have turned out to be the most expensive in the house. You can also buy the fabric by the length and now need to think of something I could make for the nursery with it. Maybe a simple envelope cushion for the nursing chair.


Ultimate Cheese on Toast

This simple recipe for ultimate cheese on toast has become a staple in this household. Great when you have a hankering for cheese on toast, but not quite enough cheese to stretch to two rounds. I sometimes add a pinch of mustard to the mixture.


2+1=3 print – Sue Bulmer

To commemorate Little Baker’s birth I wanted to buy a piece by a local artist to go in her nursery. I saw this print by Sue Bulmer a couple of years ago and have waited for a reason to buy it. I decided this print would be perfect and hopefully something she’ll keep for years to come. Note: Sue’s new site is being launched any day now.


Recipes From a Normal Mum

Holly Bell, GBBO finalist, released her cookbook entitled Recipes From a Normal Mum recently. It’s a family friendly cookbook that is about all types of cooking, not just baking, which is different compared to other GBBO contestant books. We’ve only had the chance to cook one thing from the book so far, but the savoury bread and butter pudding with ham and cheese will certainly be served here again. Quick, easy comfort food.


Beyond Limits – Chatsworth House

We have traditions and one of these is to visit Chatsworth during the Beyond Limits exhibition. It’s my annual attempt to force feed Hubs a bit of culture. Just so happens Chatsworth is one of my favourite places in Derbyshire. Throughout the gardens during the exhibition you will find sculptures from various artists that are then sold at the end of the exhibition. Any trip to Chatsworth has to involve a pasty from the hut near the shop and ice cream. We will be introducing Little Baker to her first bit of culture and search for Mr Darcy.


Note: All my MEGRG posts feature things I love and are not influenced by PR or freebies. My copy of Recipes From a Normal Mum was a gift from Holly herself (I was about to buy myself a copy) but I wasn’t obliged to write about it.

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Survival guide for foodie first time parents.

Little Baker

Little Baker arrived in our lives a month ago and oh how life has been turned on its head.

Antenatal classes spend most of the time focusing on labour when in reality that is a tiny part of parenthood and frankly if it gets too much a good selection of drugs are available to get you through those hours. It’s the weeks after the classes seem to breeze over but ask any parent about the newborn fortnight and they give you that look of knowing.

We’ve survived the first 4 weeks. In all honesty at one point I didn’t think I would but that’s what sleep deprivation does to you. I’m by no means an expert but these are the things that have helped keep us sane in the first crazy weeks.

Jelly Babies/Percy Pigs

Essential energy food. Not just for labour but the long night feeds. Royal Derby Hospital, where I had Little Baker, has a 24 hour M&S Food – Percy Pigs on tap. Contrary to popular belief this is not the reason I chose Derby. Ok, maybe it did sway it.

Cream cakes & chocolate

If you’re breastfeeding you burn 500kcal a day. Not bad for sitting on your backside watching Homes Under the Hammer/This Morning / Judge Rinder. I struggled with my appetite post birth and this was causing problems for both me and Little Baker. This is when my midwife essentially prescribed cream cakes & chocolate. Get in.

Embrace ready meals

These could be meals you’ve made in advance and frozen or meals picked up from the supermarket. You’ll be unsurprised to hear our freezer was filled with many meals cooked by me, but we have still cheated. The odd meal deal from a well-known supermarket and chilli con carne from a company called Look What We Found. You can find their products near tinned food aisle and they are sold in pouches. Look at the ingredient list and you’ll be surprised, just normal ingredients. Just reheat on the hob or microwave.

One handed meals

You soon get adept at eating one-handed, oh and eating cold meals, whether it started hot or not. We’ve soon learnt that for dinner, usually when Little Baker is having her grouchy hour, foods like pizza, risotto and sandwiches are key. Though to stop you losing the sandwich contents when eating one-handed you have to embrace your inner 3-year-old and cut your sandwiches into quarters.

Lower your expectations

For now food is fuel, pleasure is a bonus. While we haven’t given in to a Pot Noodle yet I’m not saying no especially if it may be the only thing edible (ok some could argue Pot Noodles are anything but edible) that I see in 24 hours. It does get easier as you get used to little one and they get used to you. We cooked our first roast dinner for a month at the weekend, which was cause for celebration, though we did cheat with some components.

Newborns are psychic

You sit down to eat, baby wants feeding NOW. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that they seem content just as you serve up that bowl of spaghetti bolognaise. One of the most priceless things a friend or family member can do for you is to bring you dinner then take baby off your hands for 30min or so so you and your partner can eat together in peace

Saying all this our lives have changed immeasurably; we can’t imagine life without the Little Baker. I look forward to when she’s old enough to get involved in the kitchen.

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Make Eat Get Read Go – August ’14

august 14 megrg

With Little Baker, the new member of the Butcher Baker family, settling in it’s not leaving lots of time for us, so we’re trying to fit in the odd little thing that makes us happy to try and keep us sane during these sleep-impaired days.

1. Make

Botanical drawings with Derwent Watercolour Pencils

I’ve been looking for some botanical prints for the house for a while but haven’t managed to find ones that I like or are remotely in budget. While having a big clear out in the house I came across all my art and craft stuff that as lay unused since our wedding 7 years ago. About time I dusted them down. One of my favourite medium is watercolour pencils. Let’s see if I can still draw!

2. Eat

Sticky sausages from Daisies and Pie

August is BBQ season and these sticky sausages with raspberries on Dasies and Pie blog have caught my eye. Never thought of pairing pork and raspberries before, but I suppose pork goes well with other sweet and sour fruits

3. Get

Helen Russell Creations

Now this one is a bit of cheat as I already own it but felt like I had to share it with you. I’ve seen Helen Russell’s work in local galleries before and love her quirky designs. A dear friend bought me one of her piece for my birthday and it now sits on the mantle piece.

4. Read

Pitt Cue Co – The Cookbook

Me, The Baker, could be veggie if it wasn’t for bacon and spaghetti bolognaise; Hubs, The Butcher, certainly has carnivore tendencies and since the BBQ season has started he’s had his nose permanently fixed in his copy of Pitt Cue Co. – The Cookbook. The hot water smoker has been assembled, time for the cooking to begin.

5. Go

National Trust – Calke Abbey 

With a little one now in tow it does restrict us a bit as where we can go at the weekends while we get out heads around what to do. I so wish they came with training manuals! Calke Abbey is a regular haunt of ours and the cream teas are the best in the area. They always have good events on and this summer is no exception. Little One’s first outing will probably be here for a walk and picnic.

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